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**管理者ID [#r8e62410]
***管理者IDのロック解除 [#ca19c95b]
 # dsmadmc 
 IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
 Command Line Administrative Interface - Version 5, Release 5, Level 3.0
 (c) Copyright by IBM Corporation and other(s) 1990, 2010. All Rights Reserved.
 Enter your user id:  admin01
 ANS8056E Your administrator ID is locked.
 ANS8023E Unable to establish session with server.
 ANS8002I Highest return code was 61.
 tsm: SERVER1>unlock admin admin01
 ANR2074I Administrator ADMIN01 unlocked.
***管理者IDのパスワード変更 [#a0cd2fb7]
 tsm: SERVER1> update admin admin01 [password]